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Overleaf is all about collaboration, and not just between our users; we're building relationships with partners across sectors to make online scientific writing easier.

Our partners include:

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Academic Journals

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Scientific Partners

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If you'd like to work with us, please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

Feature Overleaf on your site

Help your users open tex files instantly by adding "Open in Overleaf" links to your site. Or simply add our logo to point people to our site.

Become a Overleaf Partner by adding our badge:

  1. Copy the code below for the logo of your choice:

    Overleaf logo <a href="" title="Overleaf"> <img src="" alt="Overleaf"></a>
    Overleaf logo <a href="" title="Overleaf"><img src="" alt="Overleaf"></a>
  2. Insert the code on your page where you'd like the logo to appear.
  3. Let us know by emailing and you're done!

Please contact us if you need higher resolution logos.

Open your files in Overleaf:

  1. To open a file from your site in Overleaf, you can use links of the form:
  2. Just replace http://pathtoyourfile.tex with the path to the .tex file on your site.
  3. You're done! Your link should now work just like this one.

For developers, we provide more advanced options for integration, which can be found on our developers page.


Overleaf would not be possible without lots of amazing open source projects, especially